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What is Casa Providencia?

Casa Providencia

(Divine Providence Home)


Located in the community of Espinar, Province of Colón, Republic of Panama, Central America, Casa Providencia will be a facility for special needs orphans to live, learn, grow, and prepare for their permanent families.


This orphanage will operate in an existing 40,900 square foot building (former US Military Zone).  The building and land are owned privately by a family foundation, who graciously donated use of this beautiful property to Heart’s Cry Children’s Ministry (HCCM) for it’s new purpose, a special needs orphanage.  HCCM is now responsible for raising the remaining funds needed to complete renovations under Phase 1, as well as the funds necessary for Equipping (Phase 2) and Operations (Phase 3).  We are fully dependent on God to provide.


Filling a variety of critical positions, our 65 member staff will be carefully and prayerfully selected to ensure the highest level of care, safety, and rehabilitation for our children. Casa Providencia will have a maximum capacity of 55 resident children.

The entire country of PANAMA is about 29,157 sq mi (slightly smaller than the U.S. State of South Carolina).  For such a SMALL country, Panama has a very BIG orphan problem, which is almost completely unknown to the majority of its inhabitants.  The largest problem the government has within this problem is not having an orphanage or foster homes SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED to adequately care for DISABLED orphans.  Currently out of the 53 orphanages in Panama, NOT ONE has consistent and appropriate therapies for special needs children.  For example, if a child with spastic CEREBRAL PALSY is abandoned and sent to one of these places, one of their ANKLES is tied to their crib throughout the DAY AND NIGHT in order to prevent injuries.  We have seen the ROPE BURN on their legs.  As DESPICABLE as this sounds, you MUST understand that these orphanages are operated on a SHOESTRING budget with barely enough money to pay their employees, much less pay the additional (much higher) salaries of a physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, and specifically trained nurses.  Also, purchasing equipment required to EFFECTIVELY work with this TYPE OF CHILD is completely OUT OF THE QUESTION for these institutions, as they are normally just PRAYING DAILY for the funds that will help put RICE AND BEANS in their kid’s mouths!  Being always shorthanded with caretakers, you can UNFORTUNATELY see why these FORGOTTEN ONES are treated this way.

Casa Providencia - A Ministry of Heart's Cry Children's Ministry

Heart´s Cry Children's Ministry is a nonprofit organization under 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code of the U.S., and is duly registered in Panama under Resolution No. 755-286 of September 11, 2009 of the Ministry of Government and Justice of the Republic of Panama, where it was granted legal status as a subsidiary, and it was established as a social nonprofit entity by Resolution No. 219 of August 26, 2013 of the Ministry of Social Development of the Republic of Panama.


Our heart's cry is to see God lift orphans out of the pit of despair and give them a firm place to stand.  We provide systems that streamline adoption processes, simplify efforts, and increase protective services in placing children into loving homes, domestically and internationally.  We also assist orphanages so they are better equipped to provide for the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of the children in their care.  Further, we are currently focused on beginning a foster care program, along with a special needs orphanage, Casa Providencia.

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